Get fit while learning to protect yourself.

Don't have time to make it to the gym? I'll come to you. Your home, one-on-one training.

For thousands of years people have been training in martial arts for fitness and for self defence and preservation. This is your opportunity to have a world champion Muay Thai kickboxer, Giuseppe DeNatale, teach you the art of Kickboxing. Kickboxing provides an entire body and mind workout and can help you achieve new levels of fitness and mental strength. Kickbocking On The Go was created for those individuals that seek a total body conditioning and self defence system from the privacy of your own home in Winnipeg, Manitoba. If you are not comfortable training in your home, private training sessions at the World Class Canadian Fighting Center can be arranged as well.

You've got no excuse.


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Train at home.

Eliminate the stressors of having to rush out to the gym. Schedule a training session on your schedule. You provide the space, and we will provide the equipment and training plan necessary.



Why Kickboxing On The Go?

Kickboxing has been around for several hundred years. Kickoxing is the BEST means of self-defense and fitness. Ignore the fad training systems, and learn to use your body to it's full potential. Giuseppe DeNatale is a World Champion Kickboxer, and Coach with a wealth of experience to pass to you in his training sessions.

Give yourself an edge.

What is the price of my transformation?

Single, in-home training session is $80.00

Private session at the World Class Canadian Fighting Center is $60.00

Group Rates are available.
Call us 204-772-2599 or email us for details.



What changes can I expect?

Kickboxing is a complete body workout. You will use and improve your strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and mental sharpness. You can also expect to learn the proper punch, knee, elbow and  kicking techniques to protect yourself.

Improve yourself. Clear your mind. Work your body.

Custom coaching for better results.

Giuseppe DeNatale's customized Muay Thai, In-Home training sessions will give you the edge in learning Muay Thai Kickboxing in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It's a long known fact that one-on-one training is the best, and fastest way to progress in any skill...and Kickboxing, as well as body reshaping and fitness....are no different. Focusing the training on your weak areas will enable you to push past your limitations, and reach new levels of skill. Using muscle memory to train weaknesses will lead to stronger punching and kicking power as well as a mental edge.

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Improve your confidence and fitness.

Kickboxing On The Go can be easily incorporated into your routine. Improving your cardio-vascular and strength systems will lead to improvements in other areas of your life. Mental acuity, better sleep, cardio-vascular endure and improved flexibility are just some of the benefits that Kickboxing On The Go can provide.